Thursday, August 13, 2009

Old West Town ......Cody,Wy.

Aug 10,Monday, We decided to stay one more day in Cody..ain't retirement full of decisions? Time to catch up on laundry, we are lucky that that the laundry is right across from the camper in the campground. So we fill our time this am doing the necessaries.

After lunch. we drive over to see the Old Town West...old buildings of the West. It was Ok ? same as 1880 Old Town, but we liked 1880 Old Town better. After the short tour, the lady here said don't miss the Trading Post across the street. We stopped in to see the "Trading Post Gift Shop" but in the back half there was a giant room filled with Old West stuff and a Minature Old West Layout behind glass. There were buttons along the glass to push to give us a short explaination of the layout. Wow..this was great!! And Free Too/ Donation Box at the end...of course I left a donation!! In the room had Cowboy & Indian outfits that were displayed all along the outside wall around the room. The layout was about 40 wide and 75 feet long for the minatures. They even had trains running.

Then back to camp for a 5:30 we went downtown for the daily Gunfight Shoot-out with real cowboys at the Irma Hotel (Buffalo Bill's Hotel)... We got to see them enact a shoot-out and do their funny stunts. They sold Posters with their pictures on for Charity. After the show they all autographed the poster. Then Carol & I went to a resturant across the street for a good old west meal. The cowboy bar/resturant was full of patrons but we got a table right away. I had Roast beef hoagie..Carol had a Bacon/burger, Very Good!! After the meal we walked around and poked in several gift shops, cowboy stuff is very expensive!! zzzzzz
God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Carol

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