Monday, August 17, 2009

HORRAY!!! I hit a Single at the Field of Dreams!!! Read on!!!
August 15,Saturday, Last night the train went thru again, but this time he blew his horn out of town and just went thru town quietly, I had to look out the window to see if he was going thru. Thank-you Train Engineer!!! After a good nights rest , we packed up again and left Webster City on Rt 20 east.

We traveled about 150 miles to Dyersville,Iowa, 1st we stop at the Toy Farm Tractor Museum. We eat a lunch in the trailer then go in the museum. The cost is $5.00/each then thru the doors...THOUSANDS of Toy Tractors!!! Rows and rows of display cases with so many toy tractors, they are displayed by manufactures and models too. Unbelievable??? I never saw so many tractors, we read some of the display signs, International Harvester tractor display had a game of 14 questions and when you filled out the got a multi-colored changes color when you hold it in your hand and the heat changes the color. We were there about 1 1/2 hour..great museum for Big Kids..see but don't touch!

Next we go into town to see "Basilica of St. Francis Xavier'' Catholic church...It took up a whole city block. Mass was at 4pm and we were going past a few minutes before. Across the street,cars parked in the street side by side and behind each other blocking the whole street, lots of people were on the sidewalk headed toward the church.

Then we saw a sign for "Field of Dreams" 3 miles outside of town, I decided to follow the road. When we got there the parking lot was filled with Baseball Fans wanting to play baseball on the field, where the Movie was made. There is no organized games allowed, just take turns hitting,running, and fielding the field. I saw all ages & all boys & girls playing....Guess what??? I stepped up next to bat..I told the pitcher to take it easy on this old man...Grin... I hit the 1st pitch and ran...I Got a Single!!! Then was called out on the next hit to 2nd hit by the next kid. I guess I should have run faster!! Then I got some pictures around the farm. We spent about an hour there also...This place is popular with the tourists..over 65,000 come here each year!!

Then we continued north on Rt 136 to Rt 52 to follow the Mississippi River. We arrive at Pikes Peak State Park and get a site for the night. Complete with electric and showers across from the campsite. Beautiful day and night here, we ate at the picnic table and enjoyed the neighborhood... showers later..then Zzzzzz ... 200 miles today(still no plans..just look and see the sights!!!) Tomorrow more Adventure..............
God Bless..AirstreamHobo & Carol

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