Friday, July 25, 2014

New Trip ???? Will you follw us ???

     July 23, 2014, What trip do I want next? Well since Albuquerque, NM. is on Rt 66 , we decided to explore it. We will be leaving here and heading East.. so why not follow the the old Historic Rt. 66 ... We started out at Old Town  in Albuquerque for the day . This is a quaint little village with café’ and gift shops all within maybe 10 square blocks. After spending the day here we went to a Rt. 66 Casino for the Wednesday Special..2 Buffets for $12.99. What a display of all kinds of food.. Think we gained some weight?
        We also met a husband/wife team truckers that haul long distance from Calif. to Pa. for  Federal Express in Middletown, Pa. Small world? They drive 6,000 miles every week..each drive 500 miles a day. They sure keep on rolling down the highway. This was one of the few times they stop to eat a meal . Other times they eat while driving. They are home 2 days a week but off they go again. They been trucking 16 years as a team.. Wow !! I get tired after 200 miles a day, it would take me weeks to hit 6,000 miles.
         We decided to leave here on Thursday and follow Rt. 66 , we got the maps and also lots of places to stop along the way, I love old towns and it’s people... I hope you will follow us on this trip also.... See todays’ pictures..
   God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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