Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cadillac Ranch....

   July 25, we leave New Mexico and cross the Texas border on Rt. 40/old 66. Right before Amarillo we see the Cadillac Ranch on the right. We missed the first exit and got off at the second one at “2nd Amendment” Cadillac display. This was 3 newer Cadillac's displayed with a Big Texan calling for his 2nd amendment rights. and also sold t-shirts for the Cadillac Ranch.
   I then drive 3 blocks west again to the Famous Cadillac Ranch. You had to pass thru a crooked gate to enter(guess to keep animals out?)walk about a block thru the fields to join others taking pictures but also spray painting the cars with each own design. People were in and on and behind the cars to leave their mark. It was fun to watch people pickup discarded paint cans and check them to spray. Most brought their own to use but then left them behind on the ground for others to use. I did write my name on one of the cars but I believe by now it is sprayed over. The paint was so thick with layers on all cars. There was not a bare spot to be seen. After a few snap shots of the Beautiful Cars we continued on...
   We stopped at a Tourist information Center to get info on the area and also Rt. 66 mapping thru the area. The lady recommended that we stay in a canyon nearby.  Palo Duro Canyon State Park is 30 minutes away.We get a site for $24/nite with elec/water hookup along the shade trees but it is still 95* here in the floor of the canyon. It was a nice drive around the canyon but I still liked the “Arches Park” the best. We pay for 2 nights to explore Amarillo.
   God Bless...Airstreamhobo & Mom

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