Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roger Miller's Home Town , Eric, Ok.

        July 28, We wake up to very black clouds ( What’s the weather coming like?). We pack up and leave,stopping at a info rest area for Oklahoma. I pick up info and find out the weather is just passing rain that we will drive out of it.
       We are at Eric Ok. The lady tells me that  Roger Miller was born here and there is a museum down the road. I head for there, but it is only open Wednesday thru Saturday. It is a small town and the museum looks like they just used a old bank for it. The town has character though, we drive around and find an old store with many old signs on display. I remember many of these signs growing up in Penna. There is a house behind it also with many signs around it too. A neighbor tells me that they are in a rest home with ill health and the place is growing with weeds. At the edge of town is a house with many collections of wind mills too all along his property front for all to see.
  Back to Rt. 40/ Rt.66 to head east, we arrive at Elks, Ok. to see a Rt. 66 museum and the town/farm also in the same complex. admission is $4.00 each and we are given a map of the grounds. So much to see, glad someone saved all these historic things for future generations to see. I even was a Soda Jerk at the local Drug Store, the lady guide there filled us in on the  long ago history of the drug store. Yes it is still raining but this is an inside museum...yeah !!
   There was a old house filled with yester year furniture and also the second floor was all dedicated to the local families of Rodeo Champions. Also a farm museum was here to see the old farm machinery. It stopped raining and getting hot again...
    Time to move on... I saw one of my tires was wearing bad so I stopped to swap the spare, but that was bad too so I bought a new tire as a safety precaution because I didn’t want a blow out and rip the side of the airstream. ($$$$ There goes the budget? )
    Well it’s after 3 pm we better move on ... we find a few historic things along the way. We stop at Lucille’s Service Station in Hydro, Ok. and get a few pictures. Then east again to Oklahoma City, we call ahead to a state park named Acadia Lake and make reservations as it is 5 pm and we are an hour away yet. We get a nice campsite for 3 nights and planned to see Oklahoma City and the area and rest too?
  Here are some pictures along the way ... https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/Rt66InOklahoma72814#
  God Bless... AirstreamHobo & mom

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