Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coolest RV Museum in Armarillo, Texas

     July 26, Saturday ...rise and shine... we drive into Amarillo for a look at downtown. We have a brochure on a RV Museum in town. I set the GPS but it takes us to a RV Dealer? I drive past and circle around again and stop in, here it is in the lot of the RV Dealer surrounded by new RV’s for sale. The salesman takes us back to the building...Free Admission Too !!
       My kind of place.. We walk in and the first thing I spot is a 1948 Airstream hanging from the ceiling with Caravan Lettering all over the sides. WOW !! I love seeing this ! This airstream has seen some serious traveling in the 50’s . This is before super highways and a lot of dirt roads too. The undercarriage is damaged by the roads it has traveled. I am impressed by one snow tire and one regular tire on the rig. I guess you buy just one tire as you need them back then(plus they are Bias Tires).
         We walk around the beautiful displays and see tent trailers, early motorhomes and even 2 more Airstreams. They even collect old Motorcycles too. Many early camping supplies were on display too. We spent over an hour searching all corners of museum, what I didn’t see Carol pointed out to me. Wow many of this things we remember as campers 40 years ago too. I always wanted a Winnebago too, there was one here.
   After the museum , we toured the dealership picking up some goodies. Oh, did I tell you my spare tube with the short sewer hose opened the cap and lost the hose yesterday? Well it did in New Mexico some where. Gotta have a new one, only $10.00 and found a RV Museum T-shirt too. They had one new Airstream on display, nice but we are happy with our 99’.
    We leave for downtown to find old 66 thru town , we find it and it is a lot of garages turned into Café’ and Bars, lots of motorcycles on this street. It is a beautiful day to ride. You know what is odd.. the downtown business area was completely empty ...no cars no people, I guess when it’s the weekend everyone goes home and are only found in shopping malls? Here are some pictures of the Museum and Rt 66 downtown... https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/RVMuseumInAmarilloTexas72614#
   God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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