Friday, July 25, 2014

Madrid, NM. A Cool Village to see....

    July 24, we leave here and head for Rt. 66 going thru Santa Fe. When we get there there is no parking for the Airstream except a lot where the guy said it was $4.00/ hour ? I said forget it, the streets were narrow little store fronts that looked expensive , so we moved on down the Turquoise Trail on Rt. 66 stopping in Madrid for an hour. 
     This is an old village that artists and craftsmen set up their homes and shops to sell their crafts that they made. The village had a 5 MPH speed limit because people have to walk on the streets sometimes to see the shops. This was very interesting stop, I enjoyed the artists version of life and took a lot of pictures here...  More to come down the road...see ya !!
  God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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