Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Free Steak ???

     Continuing on July 26, we leave downtown and head out Rt. 40 east looking for a Tall Texan advertising Free Steaks ? We find the lot very full and people waiting for a table. We sign in they say 45 minutes and give us a beeper. We walk around the place searching each corner for fun. They even have a Cadillac Limo pick you up in the back lot and bring you to the front door, talk about service !
       5 minutes later our beeper rings? We got a table, the waitress told us he hit the wrong ### for us but we got the table first... nice guy .. We search the Menu to see what we would like... we decided on a 20 ounce Filet with bake potato and salad. We ask for an extra plate to share the meal. The meal comes and it is a lot of food, I glad we ask to share as we are both full when we are done.
       The front stage table has a 12 year old boy trying to eat a 72 ounce steak with 2 sides. If he does it ..it is Free !! You are kidding? I could hardly eat my 10 ounces and here is a kid eating a 72 ounce. With 20 minutes to go the boy gives up, he now owes $72.00 for the steak.
         Next we see a man, a Big Man step up and sit at the stage table and start eating.. Rare Red Meat with brown outside, he is sweating and eating. Many people take pictures of him eating, when we leave , he has about 12 ounces to go and still 30 minutes to do it. Later in the gift shop they announce that he has done it.
   At the back of the restaurant they have many things to do.. there is a Maze for you to try. Only $6.00 each or $5.00 each with a group, there is 4 places you must fined before coming out. There is an upstairs viewing stand, mom and I go up and watch the people searching their way around. The kids are the most fun to watch. Time to buy a T-shirt and sticker too for the Airstream door. Here are some pictures ....

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