Monday, August 15, 2011

Welcome to Montana!!
Monday, August 15, We leave the camp(Bowman, ND.) Headed west on Rt. 12. Down the road we run into construction which winds thru the mountains on a dirt/gravel road. We even have a lead truck show us which lane to be in. This goes on for 7 miles at 20 MPH. I thought I was in Alaska on these roads. the dust was kicking up and we drove with the windows closed. We stopped at Plevna, for a lunch snack in the airstream, and parked next to a closed old station, also across from a grain elevator that was closed up.
Then back to a regular road to Forsyth then west on Rt. 12 toward Roundup, Montana. We drove for 60 miles only passing 4-5 cars/trucks along the way. wow what a lonely highway, speed limit was 65 but it was still boring. We passed 2 small villages along the way. One had a population of 19 ??? What do these people do over winter? When we arrived in Roundup, We were ready for an early rest. We stayed at a motel with Campground, full hookups with cable and wi-fi. This was a long day, I think we covered about 245 miles. Time to relax.... Pictures..
God Bless ..AirstreamHobo and Mom

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  1. Montana is awesome, is it not? We're in MT as well, although we're up in Glacier until the end of the week....beautiful area!