Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday, August 26, we decided to stay another day, stuff to do. We headed for the laundromat, while mom does laundry, I head for the hospital for my monthly blood work. The test is short and sweet and my results are the same medicine prescription. Back to pickup Mom. I then wash the airstream and van after 4 weeks of road dirt on both, they shine again!! Then we relax the rest of day.
Saturday, August 27, we leave and go to the Columbia Water Gorge, there is supposed to be a large waterfall there. They are right, it is huge and beautiful. Then back to the highway for the Oregon Rt. 101 along the west coast. A total of 150 miles back to Longview, Wa. where we started this am. We follow the road to the coast and look for Astoria. This is a little waterfront town with many little restaurants and thrift shops. But the waterfront is fabulous, there are at least 4 big freighters waiting to dock. We see one being pushed by a tugboat into place.

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