Friday, August 26, 2011

50,000 Silver Dollars are here on display!!
Sunday, August 21, After breakfast, we break camp and leave. We stop at McDonalds for a senior coffee (only .75 each) and get free wireless. We then leave and head west on Rt. 90, a nice 4 lane highway up and down the mountains of Montana. Yes it is "The Big Sky State"!
We see signs for Silver Dollar Gift shop all along the Route. Finally, we stop in to see the tourist trap? The walls are filled with over 50,000 Silver Dollars implanted in wooden boards with peoples name carved under the $$ so you can see who left a silver dollar here. There are a lot of good stuff "Cheap" here! They even have Free Rv parking out back with 30 amp hookup. But it is only 2 pm and we want to continue on.
We cross over into Idaho for a short distance then into Washington State. Passing through Spokane on Rt. 90 to Cheney, we find a campground along a lake. We get the last site. Then we eat and head for the lake for a swim...refreshing!!! Time to relax for tomorrow...ZZZZ
God Bless AirstreamHobo &Mom

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