Monday, August 29, 2011

We then find a state park called Fort Stevens, the sign says Full. But there is always room for one more (me, I hope?)... Yes there is, we take site I Loop # 70 with full hookups for $27.00/night. We set up and cruise Astoria after supper. There is an airstream next to us but they ignored us, I waved but no response. Sometimes that happens????
Sunday, August 28, we leave to travel down Rt.101 and stop at various turn outs and views of the ocean. The rocky coast is beautiful. We see a fishing/ crab shack and decided to stop and check it out. I watch the man clean lots of crabs. There were crabbers out on the dock netting them as we were there. I met a man, George, and started asking questions, What he said, you never ate a Dungeness Crab before? He said he would give us one to try after they were steamed for 20 minutes. We waited and he did give me one, he even cleaned it and showed me how. Mom said she would try some of mine...Wow, this is GOOD!! He asked me later and Mom and I gave him 2 thumbs up!! His wife showed up with another crab for us to eat.. yum, yum. We enjoyed this stop and the locals were friendly to everyone and took the time to explain our questions about these BIG Crabs. So if you are in the area , stop at Jetty Fishery Marina for an awesome crab meal. Pictures are here..


  1. why would fellow streamers snub you? It must be because you broke your clown nose...

  2. I think it's because he was caught chatting it up with Texan Airstreamers!