Monday, August 15, 2011

I-80 Iowa Truck Stop

Friday, August 12, We leave Davenport, and head west on Rt. 80. After about 10 miles we stop at I-80 Iowa Truck Stop, the World's Largest Truck Stop. This main store has everything, even a full size 18 wheeler in the store. There are numerous fast food restaurants also. Everything for the trucker driver to eat or buy accessories for his truck. There is even showers for use (only $12.00, I tried to get mom a shower with a trucker save $6.00) But she said NO WAY!! The parking lot holds 800 18 wheelers.

Across the parking lot was also a Antique Truck Museum to see. There were about 20 trucks to see. We spent some time looking and reading the descriptions to each truck. Pictures..

We continue on to Missouri Valley, a small town with a town park for camping, only $12.00 a night. Nice setting ...HOWEVER!!! There is a train track behind the park. All night long at least 3 trains an hour passed thru..... 3 blasts of the horn because there was a R/R crossing 1 block away. They were 3-4 engines pulling 100 coal & freight and 2 engines pushing. ZZZ Horns .. ZZZ.. Horn. Pictures..

Saturday, Aug 13, We wake up at 7 am (wonder why??) They are still passing thru........ we leave by 8 am and head north on Rt. 29 toward South Dakota. We stopped at the visitors center in S. Dakota for maps and info. We are told to stop at Redlin Art Center ( ) with all pictures painted by Terry Redlin... Wow!!! What a building and also the paintings were Fantastic. 3 floors of exhibits. It was awesome to stand back and just take it all in, all seasons were done. He did a lot of paintings for Ducks Unlimited, his works helped them raise over 30 Million Dollars in fund raising over the years. His paintings will live on forever. We had to get a lithograph of one of the winter cabin scenes.
Off to North Rt. 29 to Rt. 12 west , we drove till 6:30 and stopped in Webster, S.D. at a town park again (only $12.50 a night with full hookups. Today was 325 miles...See the pictures...

God Bless...AirstreamHobo and Mom

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