Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuesday, Aug 16, We head for Great Falls and continue on to Shelby, Mo. Well, I know where all the railroad cars hang out. We find a town park in Shelby for the night to relax after 300 miles today($18/nite). Maybe tomorrow we will see Glacier Park? Montana sure is a BIG State! The roadside is interesting to see. Large ranches and small towns of less than 30 are here. Time to ZZZZ...
Wednesday, Aug 17, Up and ready to go only a few more miles? We arrive at noon at Glacier National Park. Our senior pass gets us in Free (see.. being old has advantages!) We then check in at St. Mary's camp. Only $11.50( Senior Price) a nite. NO Hookups! So we fill up with water and empty the dump tank, so we are set for the next 4 days/ 3 nites. We get a beautiful site over looking the camp and a direct view of the mountains. WOW! What a view! After leaving home and driving 2,900 miles we are here!
Let me say this , you can not take a bad picture here. Everything is picture perfect. We drive up to Logan Pass Visitor station today. Here we see deer, Ram Sheep<9 of them> and also a mountain goat just wanders around the parking lot staring at us. I think he was posing for pictures too! The air is brisk here all over the mountain. The small water falls, glacier snow, the lake is blue from glacier melting and the wildflowers thru out the area are just great to see. Back to the Airstream to relax and watch the sunset. ZZZZ
God Bless, AirstreamHobo and Mom

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