Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunset in Bowman, No. Dakota

Sunday, Aug. 14th, we started heading West thru So. Dakota following Rt. 12. This is a 2 lane highway for the most part. Speed limit is only 65-75 in some parts. The country side is beautiful to see. We hit a detour which takes us 45 miles around the town. However, we did get see thousands of acres of Sun Flowers blooming!! Gorgeous!! There are many old farms left to rot along the road too, the bigger farms (some are 1,000 acres or more) are buying them up. We see a lot of Harvesters in the fields at work. There is a lot of equipment to support them, trucks, trailers, bailers, combines. We even saw a convoy of 3 tractors on flat beds and equipment heading to the next field.
The land is flat for the most ,then we started gaining on the hills, going higher and higher. We pass a lot of little towns along the way. Even driving thru an Indian Reservation seeing them and their homes scattered in the fields. There are lots of Casinos too (run by Indians). We arrive in No. Dakota and drive to Bowman, they have a town park at the edge of town. Electric hookup only ($20/nite), but water is available for fill up. Showers Too! There are about 20 units here, some are transit workers.
370 miles today, all I did was set the cruise at 64 and steer for the most of the way. Only in So. D. can you drive 65 mph down a highway ..stop in the lane.. and take pictures for 5 minutes and not see another vehicle!! Yes that is true! Pictures.. Click here..
After supper, I looked outside to see a red sky starting to show. I went out side with camera in hand. I watched the sunset for an hour, taking many shots and even the moon was sharp looking tonight! What an Awesome Sunset in the West!! God sure paints a beautiful picture for all to enjoy!!!!!! Click here for pictures...

Tomorrow , we should be in Montana heading for Glacier National Park, I can hardly wait to see the scenery!!
God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Mom

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