Friday, August 26, 2011

Mt. Rainier, Washington State

We even get lost in Tacoma but we do find our way to the right road to Mt. Rainier and stop at first camp (White River Camp) . The sites are too small and trees have fallen everywhere. We head down the road to the next one, Ohanapecosh Campground. There are plenty of sites, we pick # A-47 and pay for 2 nights, only $15/nite = $30, but we pay only $15/for 2 nights (Senior Pass discount, see it pays to be old!!!). No Hookups but that’s Ok. The Cedar pines are at least 100 feet high and tower over everything. We settle in for the night. The running river over on the next loop is relaxing to hear. ZZZZ

Tuesday, August 23, We grab the park map and head for Sun Rise Visitor Center about 35 miles away. The up the mountain drive is awesome, every turn gives you a different look at Mt. Rainier. There is snow on the forest ground and the air is getting cooler. There are many turn outs to stop and enjoy, Click, click, I don't want to miss a shot. When we get there there is lots and lots of wildflowers growing in the fields. They add color to the mountain top. There are many photographers walking around for different shot exposures. This is also a Photo Heaven!!
Now we head down the mountain and up the next one for 50 miles to "Paradise" Visitors Center. This is a large visitor center with many exhibits and even a movie explaining the Mt. Rainier Mountain and it's history. We are 5,400 feet high and closest to the mountain here. Again the drive was quite beautiful and a great day for a drive. Today we covered 140 miles inside the park and are bushed!
When we return, we learn the the water main has broken and will out of service till Friday. They are asking campers to move on if they need water. Luckily we have the tank full and can make it for a few days. ZZZZ by 9 pm Good Night!
Wednesday, August 24, (4 months till Christmas Eve. ) Today we decide to stop and take a rest and pay for another day. Relax is the order of the day!! I did get the Dutch Oven out and make a Hot Dog with Bake Beans and Potatoes in the pot. This was heated by 25 coals of charcoal on the lid(14) and under the bottom (11) of the oven makes it hot enough to cook. This was my first time to cook with it and the meal came out pretty good. No smoke detectors going off outside! Relax.. no miles today.. just a walk around the camp and read books.
Tonight I decided to take in another Ranger Program at the Ambitheater(?) , it was on Mt. Rainier and it's nature surroundings. Believe it or not, the Ranger, Nikole Rutters was from Lancaster County , Pa. How small is that? She is here on a geological grant from Millersville for the summer. Great program, very interesting. we chatted after the program. Click for pictures
Good Night ZZZZ...
God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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  1. Great photos from Mt. Rainier. We are heading to Ohanapecosh this weekend with our 1959 Overlander.