Friday, August 26, 2011

Mom resting at WalMart for the night!!

Saturday, August 20, It's morning , time to hookup and leave. We take the time to dump and talk to Sally Walters(Host) for one last time, she was collecting your post site cards from all when leaving. We head back to Rt. 12 and head south around Glacier Park. We travel all the way around to the west side ( we couldn't take airstream up over Logan Pass) at Browning we take Rt. 12 west. Beautiful drive and easy on the hills. We then take Rt. 93 south.. pass Flathead Lake and follow the highway all the way south along the waterfront. The water was so blue almost painted. Many boaters are in this lake as it is a public owned water way. Many houses had boat docks at their back/front yards.
We see many Indian villages along the way. Many abandon vehicles in yards too. We take Rt. 93 all the way to Missoula, Mo. At the first exit of Rt. 90 we find a Super Walmart to shop and also spend the night. There are about 12 rigs here for the night. I went in to ask permission from the manager. He said Yes, but no setting up swimming pools in the Lot but if I break out the grill, I am to call him to eat!! He said very few people ask permission, so he appreciated me asking. Parking Fee.. $00.00 Shopping costs.. $31.00 ( not a free night ). Mom and I eat then sit outside along the airstream and watch more rigs pull in for the night. Time to ZZZ.. God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom

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