Friday, August 22, 2014

World's Largest Rocking Chair

      August 12, Tuesday, We drove thru Cuba, MO. looking for The world’s Largest Rocking Chair. About 4 miles west of town we found a Rt 66 store with a Rocking Chair in the parking lot. There were several other tourists here too taking pictures of it.
      Rules were no climbing up on it. I met a man who helped build the chair and he tells me that once a month on a Saturday they bring a scissor  jack/elevator to lift people up to the seat to get their picture taken. The chair is bigger than the Airstream that’s for sure!
   We then go inside the store to see the Rt.66 items for sale. They are also a Archery Store for Bow Hunters, they have all kinds of Bows & arrows for sale. They even have a Target Range in the back for customers to use. We walk around checking the place out and then leave. Here are some pictures of the place
   God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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