Saturday, August 23, 2014

Archway to the West, St. Louis, MO.

     August 14, Thursday, We left Cuba and headed east on Rt 44 looking for any Rt.66 exits. We decided too see the Budweiser Farm know as Grant’s Farm in St. Louis. Set the GPS and followed it into town to the farm. traffic was backed up at the gate as there was a charge to park. Ok ,lets see what it is ... $30.00 for RV & Truck...NO WAY .... So we circled around and out of the farm. We did see a horse and the Budweiser Trailer to haul them. On the way out we saw lots of cars along the road parked, now we know why? They all walked into the farm for free. Car parking was $12.00 each, not many cars were inside the lot.
     Off to the Arch, only 8 miles further into town. Through the construction and detours and we found our way to the waterfront street, we paid $4.00/each rig to park($8.00 total). We had the best spot right under the Arch. We ate lunch along the riverfront watching barges and ferry boats pass by the airstream, can’t beat the view!
     Then we walked up the steps..lots of them.. through Security into the underground of the Arch. There is a beautiful Museum under here too. There was no line for the elevator ride to the top so we bought tickets. Because we had National Park Pass our tickets were only $7.00 each, saved $3.00. We walked down the corridor and boarded this small cubicle that held 5 seats. Mom and I had the cube to ourselves, then the ride began. Not too bad to the top, the cube had a self leveling all the way up. 630 feet later we were at the top into a long narrow hallway with windows on each side. WOW... the View is Awesome... east over the river... we could see the Airstream down there along the waterfront. Then the west windows showed us the city of St.Louis. We even saw the Baseball stadium of the St. Louis Cardinals from up here. We were up her about 30 minutes and then went down in the cube again...going down is faster!!
     We then walked over to the Museum to see  the Historical facts about the area. The Rangers were giving talk/lectures at a few stations. Hard to believe this is all under the Arch. Gift shop too... Time to leave St. Louis, off to Rt. 55 to follow Rt.66 through Illinois , here we go !! Pictures from the Arch ...
  God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Mom

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