Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pontiac, Illinois.. Lots of Rt. 66 to see

        August 19, 2014.. Pontiac, IL. is a nice town to visit. We found a 4-H Fairground that has camp sites for $16.00 a night with water & electric hookups. The camp in clean and quiet, there are 14 full timers that live here full time while working for the Gas Company Construction in the county. We paid for 3 nights because there is so much to see here along Rt 66.
   The town has so much to see...first we drove around to see all the Murals and also the small cars that are painted on the sidewalks. The population here is 12,000 and has the county court house here , so we see lots of Lawyer offices downtown. I saw lots that we want to see when we come back in the morning.
     Next morning, we head downtown to see the Rt. 66 Museum, there is 3 floors to see. First floor has all the Rt.66 info and items to see, we even see a bus motor home and inside is a VW Bus Camper too. the second floor has local antiques and flea market items. 
      But the third floor is dedicated to The Veterans ...I never saw such a display of veterans in full uniform. There is 206 Veterans dressed in full uniform, all branches of the armed Services and also both men and women in their outfits. Each one was identified with a card with the person’s name and service that they served. If there was a Star on the card , they were killed in the line of duty. Most families donated their loved ones uniform to the museum for display. Most lived within 35 miles of Pontiac. There are Volunteers here helping to keep the display in great shape. The men were very proud of their museum. Here are pictures of the town ...  https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/81814PontiacIL#
   God Bless.. AirstreamHobo & Mom

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