Sunday, August 10, 2014

Miami, Oklahoma

   August 4th, continuing east on Rt. 66 we come to another interesting town.. Miami (not Florida) Downtown Historic District is worth driving around a few times. Which we did just to see all the old buildings and also find a place to park the big rig. We found a bank parking lot. Then walked one block to a Motorcycle Museum which had a few old cycles. The back room was a tribute to Evel Kinevel the Motorcycle Dare Devil from the 70’s . He performed many dangerous jumps and broke a lot of bones doing it. There was also some old Harleys Too.
  There was even an old station in town too that was a flea market too but closed on Mondays...
  While walking to the museum I passed a office door with the name “Ober” on it. Here he is an accountant with his business here. I talked with him and found out that he is the only Ober around. Cool, I stopped to have my picture taken at the front door.  Again I took a few pictures around town...
     God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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