Thursday, August 7, 2014

    July 28th, We are at Arcadia State Park for 4 days($15.20/nite with electric and shared water)  so we can see the Oklahoma City and area sights. The park surrounds a lake for water recreation. There is a lot to see and I know we will miss it but we try to see most?
    Down the road from the campground about 4 miles is a place with a Giant pop bottle for a roadside sign for their business.  We stopped in and had a delicious hamburger and tried one of their bottle pops. They have over 750 flavors to pick from. Every  food table and booth was filled and the place was hoppin’. The bottles sell for $2.19 each and you pickup a cardboard 6-pack holder and pick 6 different pops to take home. I saw lots of customers do that by the case too.
  We then walked around the soda displays looking at all the flavors, I recognized A Penna. flavor “Kutztown Root Beer”. We were there at nightfall so I took some pictures of the Giant Pop bottle changing colors...impressive !!  here are some pictures
    God Bless... AirstreamHobo &  Mom

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