Friday, August 22, 2014

Bob's Gasoline Alley

       August 12, Tuesday, Continued.... After seeing the biggest  chair, I inquired about a yard that had lots of gas signs that we saw from the highway. The girl in the gift shop gave me directions down the road to the lane. I drove back and ..Wow.. never saw anything this large of a collection of signs. No one was here but I was told you can walk around and take pictures, so I did..
          August 13th, we went to Cuba for breakfast at a Rt. 66 diner. What a good breakfast at this little restaurant, the waitresses were funny to talk to. One was 86 years old and had lots of stories to tell us.
       I heard Bob’s Garage had a furniture business in town, so I went over to meet him and say Thank-You for allowing me to roam his property yesterday. During our small talk he asked if I would like to see inside the barns?? YES..YES.. He said meet me in an half an hour at the garage. So we went back to the campground to pay for one more day because I knew I would be with Bob for a while.
      We arrived at the garage and Bob was there and turned on all the lights in the barn.....I can’t explain what I saw but to say just look at the pictures and you will agree. His tour of the place took over one hour to see all the garages. Bob and his wife have many banquets for Adults only through tour buses and clubs. The reason for adults only is he is afraid kids will touch or break something in his collections of all items, I can say I can’t blame him. I was very cautious to look and don’t touch.
        Here are the pictures...sorry for so many but it was hard to edit this file and not show you a lot.
   I hope you like these signs....  God Bless...AirstreamHobo & Mom

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