Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is the Caravan Gang pictured at Avery Island.....
March 10th, Sunday, We leave for Catfish Heaven Campground a 70 mile drive. We arrive after p.m..  Some of us are  backed up to the pavilion where we have a steak dinner tomorrow. At 4 we leave foe one mile drive to Lake Martin to see the largest nesting of wading birds. We see lots of birds, white, pink & blue.We are here for about 30 minutes to see and take pictures of them. Back to camp for another GAM , then supper on our own. This campground has a laundry which many get caught up on the dirty clothes. Good for another week in clean duds !!
March 11th, Monday, Today we car pool to Avery Island near the Tabasco Factory. This is a reserve of beautiful gardens ,lakes, and even a Buda in the gardens. We drive thru the trees which are big Oaks and Cypress trees, very beautiful to see, we wind around the garden and stop to see the Buda and walk around there.  Then onto the Bird sanctuary to see nesting birds again..lots of them here over the water to raise their newborns.  Pictures
God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Mom 

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