Thursday, March 14, 2013

Capt Jack...Swamp Tours
Now we take a break for 3 hours at camp than at 1:30 we got for a swamp tour. We board Captain Jacks Cajun Tour Boat. This thing has a 250 HP motor to take us to the swamp. We hear tales of the swamp while going there. Then slow down to see all mother nature. We do pass some Cajun Cabins(Homes) along the way. We even see some on the porch and Capt. Jack talks to them wishing them a good day. We hear all about some of the cabins and their way of life. After 3 hours on the water we are back at camp.
We have a Drivers Meeting after supper. We discuss tomorrows move to the next campground. As you can see we have a very well planned Caravan..Our Leaders have everything ready for Us to follow. 
  God Bless.. AirstreamHobo and Mom 

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