Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here is an old Travco Motorhome I saw along the road....

March 23, Saturday,
     We left Natchez, Miss. ( March 21, Thursday) saying good-bye to the Williams and Blanchards, they were going up the Natchez Trail byway.We drove about 240 miles into Alabama and found a Passport America Park along the highway for on;y $16.00 /nite. We had all the hookups you can ask for. Of course it rained all night into Fridays’ all day driving.
    March 22,  Friday,  We arrived at Hidden Cove in Arley,Al.  a Thousand Trails Park. Our membership got us 4 nights free parking. We are here till Tuesday.
       Today we went for a drive to Jasper and surrounding back roads. I found a car collector that had a 55 Chevy. that he was refurbishing  from the frame up. He had an interesting shop of signs too. We talked for an hour while I took pictures. He told me about a little old town up the road about 10 miles so I stopped there too. Lots of old buildings still standing there.
         Then I saw a sign for Natural Bridge and drove there too, it didn’t look too appealing so I skipped the tour there. On the way back to Arley I passed a building covered in advertising signs...turn around and go back! I met a man in the parking lot and ask if I could take pictures. He said yes, then he opened his garage to room full of antique signs and collections. He said he buys and sells all of them,that is his income. He showed me some of the rare signs and collectables too. I must have taken 50 ? shots here?
         Now back to camp and sitting here in the rain..again.. listening to the thunderstorm alerts. I hope this passes by. Last week they were hit hard here and had power outages for a week. They were still cleaning up everywhere.  Here are some pictures ...enjoy...
        God Bless....  AirstreamHobo and Mom

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