Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dunleith Mansion in Natchez, MS.

Sorry, I missed a week of tours, We left the caravan on Tuesday (March 19) with the Blanchard’s & William’s to explore the Natchez in Mississippi. We follow each other thru little towns and stopped by the road for a light lunch in the Airstreams. We then went onto Natchez, MS. to see the Visitor center. We found a Passport America camp (River View Camp )  across the river in Louisiana along the Mississippi River. Nice sites , we all got to park as neighbors. What a view of the river ,100 feet away, we could see barges moving up and down the river all day and night.
  March 20th, Wednesday, I went along with Blanchard's and Williams to see Natchez Visitor Center. We saw a short film on the area and gathered info on the local Mansions here. We found out about a restaurant called “The Castle” and went there for lunch. Fine dining surroundings. I got the Chicken & Dumplings with side salad, only $11.75. The place was gorgeous and service was the Best !! We found out with our meal we also got a tour of the “Dunleith” Mansion here on 40 acres. The house was so big it had 15’ ceilings in each room. We could only see the first floor as the upstairs and side building housed 28 rooms for guests to stay here($200-300/nite). The tour lasted an hour and we learned so much about the old house. The grounds were picture perfect to walk around and
   Next we found the Melrose Place another Mansion. This house had 90% of the original furniture in it. The ranger showed us flags that flew over it in the past. Then he took us on  great tour of the house. He was a great hands on Guide. We saw 2 floors here, the outside was being remodeled and was under construction. The grounds had slave quarters and also beautiful gardens too. Time flies, it is 4 p.m. and back to camp we go.  Carol was feeling much better, so I took her around Natchez and showed her the places we stopped today. We then stopped by the riverside and watched the sunset behind the bridge for some beautiful colors of the sky. See the Pictures   
         God Bless... AirstreamHobo and Mom

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