Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One of many barns along back roads

March 25th, Tuesday, Well ....this is the drive I hate, BORING !! Time to head north to Penna. We leave the Thousand Trails Camp in Arley and head toward Rt 278 to head for Chattanooga,TN. 
     About 75 miles down the road, I had an idea?? I remember our fire co selling a fire truck 20 years ago to Crow Mountain Fire Co. in Alabama. I ask around and find I am 63 miles away..well I am so near!! I guess I should find that fire co. We drove around many roads and finally up a mountain passing fewer houses as we go. We drive to a crossroad that is Crow Mountain, I ask for the firehouse and follow down the road passing more woodland than houses. I find the fire house along this road and stop to see if our old fire truck is in there? There are no windows and no one answers the phone listed. I take a few shots and drive to a house down the road to a house that looks like someone is home. A man answers after his dog barks & barks and he comes on the porch. I ask about the fire co, he knows nothing..doesn’t even know if they still have the old Seagrave Pumper. 
    So I leave and drive down this very steep switch back roads off the mountain, the other side was a gradual rise, this is straight down the mountain. I reach the bottom with front brakes Smoking!! Cool time..then a beautiful drive thru farmland with many old barns to capture on digital shots.
     We continue on to Chattanooga, arriving at 6 pm at an Airstream Friend’s house  for courtesy parking. Now there are 3 airstreams in the driveway, I only need electric for the night for the furnace. We meet briefly with Dacia as she is working 12 hour days and has to go to work early in the morning. 
    March 26th, Wednesday, Off at 9 am to Penna. I see a sign for Lodge Dutch Oven Outlets in Sevierville,TN. We first see a Coleman Outlet and then walk over to Lodge to  buy a new Dutch Oven. The visitor’s center gave us coupons for a free 10” cast iron frying pan with a purchase. We had 2 coupons and Carol and I made separate purchases and each got a frying pan for only $4.99 each... 
     Time to move up Rt 81.. we stop at Wytheville exit for a KOA , they have plenty of spaces???? There is only about 6 or 8 campers here. Brrr..Brrr it is cold, I miss Florida!! Rest and Zzzz tomorrow the last 375 miles and we will be home(then repack...don’t tell mom) See the pictures I took the past 2 days ...   
  God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom 


  1. maybe you should have started a fire and then someone might have shown up to show you the fire house :-) Thanks for sharing your travels Obie. I love reading!

  2. Thanks Frank.. Glad you are enjoying the daily grind,but someone has to do it..Obie

  3. Dave and I enjoyed your blog. We hope you have a good Easter with your family.