Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 8th, Friday.... Time to move on... to Frenchman’s Wilderness Campground, only 110 miles away. We leave in the morning and take our time to arrive after p.m.. We are driving along the Mississippi River at times and pass many Plantations also. We stop at Wal-Mart to wait for 2 pm to arrive.
   Wow..a beautiful lake frontage campground. We have the whole back section which each of us back up to the waters’ edge.The view across the water is breath taking. The wind is very brisk and we decide not to open awnings. We set up and rest, then at 3 pm we drive 1 mile away to Brownwell Memorial Park and Carillon Tower. We drive in and walk to the water,on the way there is a tall church tower with bells which sound off each 15 minutes. At the hour we hear a complete song to the bells. We also walk to the waterfront past trees covered in stringy moss hanging, sort of like Christmas Glitter on a tree.
   Back to camp, it is our turn to have GAM with others. The wind is faster so I park the van along the water between trailers to block the wind. But we all arrive with heavy coats on. The snacks were shared and chit chat too. The rest of night is off.  

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