Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 9th, Saturday, We rise early again to see the local sights. We are broken to 3 groups of 8/9 people in each. We go first to the Petroleum  Museum. Here we board a Oil Rig Platform which is a training center for future oil workers in the Gulf. This place is BIG.. living quarters.. Kitchen.. oil drilling area.. mechanics shop, a city on a platform. Workers learn to stay aboard for a week first to see if they like the confinement...some do  some quit after a few days. When they pass the job test, they start on an oil rig. They work for 28 days then 14 days off to go home. They work 12 hour days while on the rig. The job is very demanding for all.We got to see all the areas and learn a lot from our tour guide which is also an Instructor on board.
God Bless.. AirstreamHobo and Mom 

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