Friday, September 2, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, we drive along the coast to take in the sights again. This time we stop at Yaquina Head Lighthouse. This is a National Park, so we gain free entrance. We stop at the visitors center for a little history and a short film on this area. Then off to the lighthouse, there is a lot of steps down to the water here. There is cobble stones(made from lava flows made into round stones). I walked down about 6 sets of steps to see the lighthouse from the water, the lighthouse is high on a hill overlooking the ocean. I met a volunteer who explains the rocks and also the animals that can be found in the water when the tide is out. They asked that you not take any cobblestones with you(I think that’s why he was here, to make sure you don't). You should hear the sound of the stones when water hits and leaves the shoreline. It sounds like applause all the time. It is also very hard to walk down here, they are like giant marbles. Now to wall back up the steps to the top.. Huff .. huff.. even the kids were slow by the top. Mom and I tour the lighthouse and take a mini-tour. I elected not to climb those steps too. The view is wonderful up and down the coast.
We then drive down the coast checking out the waterfront. I pass a wood carver making bears and cowboys.. Cool. Then we find a Crab Shack for lunch and stop in for some local fish. Mom got Shrimp basket, I got the Halibut with fries, very good. The place was a poplar place for everyone.
Tonight we buy firewood to enjoy. Just relaxing watching the fire tonight. The sun was hiding all day, so we didn't go over to the beach for sunset.

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