Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sunday, September 5, We meet up with Steve & Linda Koreny at the Copper Mine. They are members of Central Penn Unit and are also traveling in the West. Awesome to see them and swap stories so far about our trips.
We tour the mine and then leave to find a campground. We stop at one, it is full onto the next one. The sign says full but they had 2 campers leave today, so we are in luck. We set up and get together for a evening chat. Planning for tomorrow, we will see the downtown of Salt Lake City.
Monday, September 6, we leave at 10 am and go downtown to Temple Square where the Mormons have their Church and Conference Center. We first drive up to the Capital Building and take a self guided tour. Next off to Temple square, we park right across the street. Free parking, Labor Day! Now we eat first then the tour begins. We get a tour of the Conference Center, Wow, lots to see.. see the pictures. The place is massive. The audutorium holds 21,000 people. The organ has 8,000 pipes. There is even a garden on the roof. We have a freee guide to learn all the areas. 4 hours later we are ready to sit in the van. Pictures

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