Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My First Travelogue... Rt. 66 ....

Save this date ..April 14, 2015.. Airstream Hobo is going public...That's Lititz  Public Library. On Tuesday we will pull our Airstream to the Library Parking lot and set up for an "Open House" beginning at 5:30 for an hour then I will go inside the Library to the conference room for an hour long Travelogue, using a power point showing pictures from the back roads. 
       The subject will be Rt. 66 trip that we took during the summer of 2014. The first 15 minutes will be talking about Airstreams then the remainder will be on Rt. 66. Followed by a question and answer session. Come and learn about Airstreams and how to travel the USA in your camper.
   Please call the Lititz Library to reserve your seat...Tickets are FREE !! Call today 717-626-2255 and sign up. Looking forward to meeting You !!

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