Monday, June 23, 2014

First Week heading West....

    June 17th, This 1st week has been busy. We have traveled across the USA on Rt. 70 driving about 200 miles each day. We found Passport Parks everywhere. Each day about 3 pm we would plan our touch down for the night. Some times we would look for a State Park too if it was close to where we were.
     We did stop at Finger Lakes State Park in Missouri got a site for $19.00 with electric. The camp had a Motor cross track and many trails for 4 wheelers. It was fun to watch them race around the track in practice. There is a $5.00 charge each day for each bike/4 wheeler to use the park. We went out for breakfast to a little café nearby for a great breakfast. The café was just a little building with dining and a kitchen. One waitress handled it all.
     Off to the road again, we found a family from our hometown that moved to Iowa and looked them up. We were only an hour away when we called. It was nice to see Chuck,Liz, and the girls again. We stayed the night in their front yard, they gave us electric from the house. They had a spaghetti dinner for us to share and also gave us a tour of their little town afterwards. We stayed the night and left in the am at 9. Bye Bye Girls.. Chuck was already at work.
   We headed up Rt. 29 thru Iowa, after 200 miles we began looking, stopping 3 times to find a reasonable priced camp. While driving thru Onawa I saw a sign for Fairgrounds.. out west little town have town parks for camping. I followed the street to the fair grounds and found it filled with Airstreams. We ran into Region 8 Vintage Club having a Rally here. They invited us to join them. Scott Allen led us to park and gave us all the info for the weekend. Pot luck tonight with plenty of food. Saturday had an Open House of the Airstreams from 9-11 am.
     There was a street rod show downtown with a parade at 8 pm. They all parked together on Main St.  for an Aerial Photo Shot. Everyone from miles around brought their cars to show, some were pristine others came as they were everyday drivers.  Saturday night we had an out door movie with popcorn. During the night we had terrific rain & wind storms, No Fire Siren was heard, thank God ! We packed up to leave at 10 am and got stuck in the wet grass. One of the members ‘Scott J.’’ pulled me 5 feet to the gravel road and off we went.
    Drove up Rt 29 to Rt 90 West in South Dakota to Mitchell  for the night, well 2 nights. Passport America only $17/ nite. That’s all for now, see you later...see pictures...
  God Bless... Airstreamhobo  & Mom

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  1. So glad to have you join us at the 1st Ever Region 8 VAC Rally!