Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Camping in Gettysburg,Pa.

   April 27, We left Compton Bassett for Gettysburg,Pa. Some how we got lost and ended up in Virginia. I found Rt 15 north and headed that way. We decided to stop at Gettysburg Farm Thousand Trails outside of East Berlin. This was a down on the farm campground. We parked in the first row behind the barn, what a view of the countryside. Farm animals everywhere, some in fences ,others roaming free. The Tom Turkey owned the grounds, he was everywhere watching the hen turkey. He even attacks when you are too close.
     We paid for 5 days (Only $3.00 a night x 5 = 15.00) Full hookups too. One day it rained all day and flooded the creek row of campsites. The campground across the street became an island and their campers were stranded for a day.
  On Friday May 2, we moved to Biglerville about 15 miles away. We set up in the community park with our unit for our first rally of the year. Only 5 units arrived but we had a great time. I drove into town to see the old General store and walk around the town. I also saw the library which was built by the owners of the store as a gift to the community. There were antique sleds on the wall on display,see pictures.
  On Saturday night we had potluck and I made Chicken/corn/noodle soup in a Dutch Oven to share. I also made an Apple Spice dessert in another Dutch Oven at the same time, Mmm.. Good if I do say myself.  
  On Sunday May 4th we hooked up and left the park and went down the road to watch the York area Make a Wish have their annual Truck convoy. It was fun to watch them go by and wave.On Saturday, there was a Motorcycle rally also for Make a Wish. Over one hundred motorcycles in the run. Here are some pictures of the week, enjoy... https://picasaweb.google.com/AirstreamHobo/GettysburgFarmThousandTrailsEastBerlinPa#
  God Bless...AirstreamHobo and Mom

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