Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Summer!!! Look at Mom Smilin'!!!!

Sept 6,Sunday......100 Days on the Road!!! Yes..Can you believe it is 100 days already?It seems like yesterday that we left town!! We have traveled over 9,000 miles (total will be announced later). We have met alot of friendly nice people all over America. We have seen less than 8 hours of TV since June 7th..Did you know Michael Jackson Died??? America has alot to see and we haven't begun to see it. We tried to travel the backroads whenever possible. The unknown roads have more to see and we can do it without being run over by high speed traffic.

We enjoyed the leisure pace that we covered. We recieved alot of e-mails that we were seeing many of your old travels and Thanked Us for reliving those sights. Somedays were alot of driving to get over the long boring highways but for the most part we had some short mileage days. I was amazed by how many abandoned buildings were along the way. Just thinking about what those people did in the past and why they left their homestead and businesses vacant. I guess $$$$ was the main problem.

I did see alot of hard working Americans trying to provide for their familys and have nice places to live. There was no special place better than the rest. But knowning each area was proud of their neighborhood and glad to live there. I talked to lot of full-timers that live and work all over the place and would not go back to a stick&brick house. They loved the simple life and the less worry of upkeep of their old houses. All seemed very Happy and Healthy and glad to be on the road..north in summer then head south in winter.

What a Life!!! Believe it or was the wife that loved full-timing...No Big House Keeping!! was their answer to Happiness and keep on moving at their pace. As this trip comes to a close in a few days and we will be back home, we are Thankful for the Great Summer we had ..3 days of rain!! Can you believe that..15,000 pictures ..ok maybe a few more..grin... We will see how long we will be at home before we want to go again!! We did manage to survive living in 29 foot Airstream all this time. So Thanks for following along and I hope I (we) brought you some laughs and pictures of our travels along the way. Here is the last Photo album ..enjoy..
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God Bless and Thank-You AirstreamHobo & Carol

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