Thursday, September 3, 2009

Need a Canoe?? These were stacked at a Water Float Store....Read on...

Sept. 1, Tuesday, we leave at 9 am for Howe,Ind. Driving down Rt. 31 along the shoreline. We see a sign for a lighthouse and follow the road to it. Point Betsie light house is back this road, however, due to cutbacks it is only open on weekends for tours.

We pass a tubing/canoe/kayaking store , I stop to take pictures and talk to locals. He tells me to go down the side road to see Salmon fish starting to spawn, he says there are about 100 there at the dam a few weeks there will be 10,000 there to cross the dam. We drive back to see these extra large fish..2-3 feet fish story...really..There are kayakers in the water causing the fish to move about so we can see all these big Then back down the highway.

We follow Rt 31 all the way to Holland then catch Rt 40 all along a very scenic drive with no rush of traffic and sometimes I do pull over to let locals go faster!! We pass Grape farms with acres of grape vines on both sides of the road. Into Indiana we turn east on Rt 120 to Howe. We arrive at about 5pm and stop at a Pass Port America Park, believe it or not we were here 13 weeks ago today. The cost was $8.50 in June now it is $14.95 now (rates went up!!) But it is a nice park near Shipshawanna Flea Market..tues & wed's..We will go tomorrow.

Sept 2, Wednesday, Today we go to the flea market and look for bargains and afterwards we stop to do the weekly laundry. Back at the camp, we make spare ribs on the grill. They are a treat!!! Lots of meat and very good!!! Rest and relax..zzz As you can pictures here also...wi-fi won't le me download pictures ...someday soon ???
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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