Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept 3,Wednesday, Happy Birthday Mason!!! Our Grandson!!! We will see you in about a week!!!

After a restful 2 days at Shipshawanna we hook-up and leave for Auburn,Ind. I heard about the Cord/Duesenberg Museum being there. We find the place easy with all the street signs to get there. It seems this is the Big Weekend for Car Collectors in town. There is a 5,000 car sale at Kruse Auctions and they are expecting 100,000 plus people in town for all the planned activities. We find a spot to park along the street one block from the museum. The street in front of the museum is blocked off with Cords & other Classic Cars(too many to mention). I took a few pictures now and then went inside the Museum to see the Cars.

WOW!!! What a showroom!! The place is Amazing!! The cars are displayed just like in a car dealer showroom. This is World First Class Place. 3 floors of all makes of Classic Cars and the stories behind them and what made Auburn Famous. There are numerous Cords on display. I was just overwelmed by the Class of Cars , I didn't dare touch any of them. But click,click, I did!! Every year on Labor day weekend they have a Car Show and Festival in Auburn, home of the Auburn and Cord Car Manufactures. There are numerous activities planned. I wish I was staying this weekend but time to move on. I walked around the museum for about 3 hours just trying to digest the Era of these Cars, It must have been an awesome time in America. I am glad someone Preserved these Cars for all future generations to enjoy!! I sure did today, even the gift shop was a sight to see. Outside most of the cars have left but a few are in the parking lot What a sight to see!!

We head on down Rt 6 toward Bowling Green, Ohio and arrive at Fire Lake Campground for the night, another PassPort America camp..50% off..$16.00/nite. with a beautiful Sunset across the lake at our backside of the campsite. We drove about 130 miles today and saw a slice of America!!! Why can't we build these classics today?? (answer $$$$$$)
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol

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