Thursday, January 29, 2015

Welcome to Florida !!!!

Jan 20th,Tuesday,  We leave the ocean and continue down Rt 95 looking for Florida, we heard it is somewhere south of here. We found gas for $1.81 here in South Carolina, we fill up and drive through Georgia to the Florida Rest/Welcome Center. Free Orange juice or grapefruit 2 ounce cupful?
       Pick up maps and continue to Fort Clinch State Park in Amelia, Fl. we found a site for 2 nights for $28/per night back in the beautiful shaded sights. The tree branches hang over the road back to camp. Almost like an umbrella cover from side to side for 2 miles. We set up and relax, drove 234 miles today. We made It to Florida !!! Here are pictures of the trip so far....

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