Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jan 18th, Sunday,  We leave Santee stop for propane it is still cold here, we run the furnace every night. We arrive in Charleston, SC. about 1 pm and want to see The Charleston Fire Museum. It is open 1-5 today. Admission is only $6.00 each.
       This museum has 20 antique trucks which are all American LaFrance trucks in mint condition. Each truck is proudly displayed from oldest to the newest to see. All have placards to describe each one. There is also many other fire related items to see. They have a giant stage displayed with household fire hazards to look out for. There is also a fire truck simulator for all to sit in and drive to a fire call, the kids love driving the full size fire truck. The windshield is a movie screen of the street as you drive past everyone to get to the Emergency.  Lots of Fun !! Here are pictures of the Museum...enjoy...
  God Bless.... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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