Sunday, January 26, 2014

Steam Punk...

January 25, Saturday,  Did you ever hear of Steam Punk ?? Me neither, so we went to check out the scene. This was held at Mt. Dora at Renningers’  Flea market . This was a mass Flea market with all kinds of vendors. Today people dress up in Steam Punk ?? I can’t explain it but the guys have the neatest hats and outfits, I would call them creative artists. So many friendly people walking around... The antiques were cool too... See the pictures
   Enjoy.... God Bless..AirstreamHobo and Mom ...


  1. Hi again Hobo!
    I was great to meet you and 'mom' in the laundry room tonight! I really enjoyed hearing your adventures!
    All that 'steam punk' stuff is crazy!
    Last winter, hubby and the big kids went to the renaissance festival down by Miami, and they came back telling me about all these people there wearing goggles, or goofy glasses, and hats. I had no idea what they were talking about, but after looking at your album, I bet there was a 'steam punk' invasion that day! LOL!
    Hope you see you again while we are here in Florida!
    The TicknorTribe :)

  2. Glad you meet you also. I think it is so cool that parents take the time to travel the states with their kids. This is more of an education in hands on History of our land. Also doing mission and storm damage help to those in need. Keep on Travelin' Airstreamhobo