Monday, March 10, 2014

Mud Sales, Museums, & Trains Too !!

 Gordonville Fire Co. Mud Sale
 Landis Valley Museum
  Train Museum at Strasburg,Pa.   
 March 9,2014... We are home now and there is so much to see locally too. This weekend I was Busy !! I went to Gordonville Fire Co. Annual Mud sale on Saturday... Yes there was Mud everywhere in the field of sale items. The food lines were a mile long. There were several auctioneers working at the same time .. quilts, buggy's, parts, furniture, horse sales, etc. I enjoyed walking around seeing the sights and taking a few pictures. My shoes had 2-3 inches of mud on them, I cleaned the most off by rubbing the shoes in snow banks and walking in clear water too.
      On Sunday , I left for the Pa. State museums as they were Free today. I went to Landis Valley Museum, it has been years since I have been there...Lots to see...I even rode the horse drawn wagons around the grounds. I took a few pictures here too.
      Next I drove to the Strasburg Pa. Railroad Museum, I had to hurry as they close at 5 pm. I arrived at 4 and had enough time to see all the old trains here too. Here are the pictures for you to see...
      God Bless... AirstreamHobo & Mom

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