Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 Central Penn Unit at  Carlisle Picnic Rally
The Airstream Display at Hershey RV Show.

Sept. 11, Carlisle Rally..Unit picnic.
    We left Wednesday noon for Carlisle to camp with the Unit. Arriving, we took site #19, there are 2 already here. 6 total are expected for the weekend. It is 80* now and we have a camp fire? but it is camping so enjoy!! We have a relaxing week with friends seeing the area and eating out at local restaurants. Friday night we went to the local Elks club for prime rib special, but Carol and I have Shrimp Basket instead. The rib was 16 ounces and too much for us. then back to a camp fire.
     Saturday, we have our unit picnic in the conference center at the campground. After the picnic I went with Charlie and Bill to see the Hershey RV Show, we heard Airstream was having a display, first time in 15 years they are here. They have 14 Airstreams on sale and they were flooded with people checking them out. I talked to a few and they said this was their first time to see inside one. I saw 6 Sold signs on them, I would guess the dealer had a great week. I have a friend”Terry” that saw my post on Facebook and stopped there on Sunday to look...guess what?? He bought a new one !! Congratulations Terry !!!
   We came back to a campfire and made Hot Dogs and a shared snacks too. The week was great and the weather was great too. It rained one night which moved the heat out and brought the cold fall air in. We started wearing sweaters at night and used the heaters in the airstream too.  Great sleeping weather.
   Sunday, people started leaving one by one. We left around 2 o’clock and got home at p.m.. We only unloaded half way because we are leaving Thursday for a Rally in New York next week...see you down the road... God Bless AirstreamHobo & Mom

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