Monday, August 5, 2013

Pocono 2013

August 1, Thursday..
      I am headed for the Pocono 400 with my son, Brian and grandson, Mason. The Man Cave(Airstream) on wheels is packed with 5 days supply of food and clothes. The drive is short about 3 hours ..119 miles and we arrive to a fogged in race track. We drive around and round till we see Airstreams in the field. We are 7th to arrive. 17 is the total coming. We formed a wagon wheel of parking the Airstreams and unhook, then park tow vehicles in the rear.
    The fog rolls in and out for the day. on Friday, we go over to the race track and see the cars and pits. This week is all about racing cars and trucks. Arca Car Race and Truck races were each 125 miles long, 50 laps to the winner. All week we had many get togethers and Happy Hours at the circle. There is a tent set up in the center for all camp activities.
     Each day we walked over to the track and took in the sights. People sure love their NASCAR Drivers. We watched the garages, checking the cars and getting them ready for Race Day. The tool boxes were AWESOME.. every man’s dream.
    We also watch other campers come in and setup in the infield. We had to pass thru a tunnel to get to the field to park. From our camp we had surround sound all week of time trials and the big race. We saw the truck race from the grandstands, but the Pocono 400 we watches from the infield at the turns and also we had a TV screen set up in the tent so we could hear and see the whole race and hear the commentary.
    We stay till Monday am then pack-up and also clean the field before leaving...Bye..Bye...
Here are pictures from the week.. 
   God Bless ..AirstreamHobo and Brian and Mason

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