Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bash #4

   July 2nd, We hitch up again to travel to the 4th Annual Bash at Cooper Lake Family Campground. We have an extra passenger this time. Alexis our grand daughter wanted to go along again this year(she went 2 years ago ) We leave at 9 am and head for route 80 West to Rt 79 south and arrive. approximately 300 miles with a few stops along the way. We arrive at p.m. and are the first to arrive. We find a nice site in the trees looking over the road to the serene lake, great view!
    July 3rd, Wednesday the Airstreams start to arrive, each finding their own camp site and self parking, some are new and want to know where to go, I helped with some of them to find a good spot for the week. Frank arrives with supplies and we start building a portable garage to house the cold storage and the food for the week. When completed it looks like a little kitchen stock room. The campground comes and puts up a Dining tent for the tables, we find a level spot(?) for it. great spot and easy walking for everyone for the meals. We meet some old friends and new ones and have a happy hour around 5 o’clock. It is nice to hear all the airstream stories from each one.
     July 4th, Wally’s Birthday(Founder of Airstream Trailers)More arrive today .. we welcome all then at 4;30 we have Happy Hour followed by a cookout by the Bash. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers , and a large potluck brought by everyone else. Out comes a Birthday Cake for one of the guests and also a cake for “Wally” We all sing to both of them. Cake for everyone..Campfire next. Some leave for Butler County Fair to see Fireworks!!!
   July 5th..Here comes a full day..Beginning with a FULL Breakfast ...Eggs to order, bacon, sausage,home fries, pancakes,
fresh fruit and coffee & orange juice. A staff of volunteers help make it and another cleans up afterward. At 10 am all are invited to make their own and adults from a kit..glue and paint them.
    After lunch we start doing the Tye-Dye  Shirts, pants, even a pillow case.  The dye is in Mustard like bottles..each color is your choice. First you tye the shirts with rubber bands and make a pattern, then start pouring the colors all over each band area more colors make a pretty design. Then when done all are placed into a zip lock bag till tomorrow.
    Time to eat again..Happy Hour thru into Dinner.. Everyone brings a dish to share. Then a campfire till 9 p.m. then we see an outdoor Movie.. “RV” followed by “Long Long Trailer” It is now 12:30 am...Zzzzzz
   July 6th, Saturday, Big Breakfast again !!!! The tye dye shirts are brought back to rinse them out and hang out to dry...Awesome Colors and Designs. Time for the rocket launch.. we drive to the big open field to set up the rocket launchers and get ready to Launch... 5..4..3..2..Blast Off. Some are way above clouds and are hard to follow till they come down, all have orange streamers/parachutes too.
I think we did loose 2-3 of the rockets that are still up there ???? Over 50 launches are completed most launched theirs 2-3 times.
What a Great Show of flights. Great job Kids (Dads too).
  At 1 p.m. we have a ice cream social..make your own with zip lock baggies..That was FUN !! and Great tasting too.
  At 2 p.m. the kids have a scavenger hunt through out the  camp, everyone found them all.
  At 3:30 p.m. Obie does a make up show for all.
At 6:30 we have another Great Dinner of Pulled Pork and also steak along with pot luck.. I am FULL again as well as the rest of the gang.
Tonight we have a camp fire also and a movie “Bolt” The kids loved it.
     July 7th, Sunday,  Leftover breakfast is made till all food is gone!!  Time to clean up one more time, then back to the Airstreams to pack up ..hookup..and leave this close knit gathering of friends.  Bye..Bye.. See you down the road, we left full and tired from all the fun we had.
     My Thoughts, What a week!! Frank and Ace did a Great..Awesome..Job getting this to run smoothly. This was the end of our 4th Annual Bash and they get better and better! All the Time!! I am so Glad I went to renew old friends and meet new ones. The first timers were amazed with all that goes on at a Rally. Even a Vintage Airstream was sold here at the rally.  I would hope that you will come back again next year..Airstreamers are Tops !! I took a few they are ..enjoy  God Bless AirstreamHobo and Mom  

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