Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here it is Tuesday June 28, Time to hitch up and move 50 miles down the road to Slippery Rock to the Cooper Family Lake Campground. Here's my Story.. We had such a fun week, there is too much to go into detail. Here is the highlights!! We parked 44 rigs and the Fun began. I was the Parker and had a Golf cart.. Thank God!! This place was huge and we had just a small part, but the Best part, all around the lake and most of us were in the shade. 80* during the day and 50-60* at night. I slept under 2 blankets with the fans off!
Here is what went on... Full Breakfast each day, Ty-dye shirts were made by everyone, crafts for the kids, Rocket building for young and old, bike riding all around the lake on hard roads, Pot Lucks Galore.. even pull pork one night .. Yum.. Yum!! Tours of local Beaver Valley Nuclear Plant, I even operated it under a training exercise(where is the Red Button?). Some went Kayaking, Fishing(yes they were biting!), Enjoying Kettle Corn, Frog Collecting, The Rocket Launch was such a thrill to see Mom & Dads helping their kids. They also went fishing with them also. Don't forget the Bus Demolition.. Awesome
We also had Ansty McClain come all the way from Nashville to perform around the campfire, his family also joined in. Obie even put on a show for all kids(young & old). There were dogs going for walks all the time, I even met 3 Parrots... Arr Arr!! There many new friends to build on and enjoy them. Campfires every night (a Pickup truck load of Fire Logs.) All this for $90.00 per family, $20.00/night camping.
I could go on and on.. But I must say the Televisions and DS Computers were nowhere to be seen, but lots of Family Time was the general theme all week. The Coolest thing for me was to see Dads fishing right along side the kids.. Precious... Thanks to all those who worked so hard to bring us together!! Am I going next year... YOU BET!! I posted some pictures on this link..
Look at Birthday Bash II Album.. There are a few(?), also read the captions. A BIG Thank-you to Frank, Steve, and Ace for letting me be a part of the Bash!!
God Bless AirstreamHobo & Carol & Alexis Too!

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